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The 4th of July is almost here and the majority of people have some type of plans to celebrate Independence Day.  Of course, those plans do not include a car accident, but because folks are heading to the mountains, the lake, a friend’s backyard BBQ or to watch a parade, etc., the roadways are expected to be very busy and dangerous.  In fact, while the 4th of July is usually the peak of summer travel, this year is expected to be a recording setting weekend.   Based on statistics from prior years, The National Safety Council estimates 599 people will lose their lives in car accidents over the 4th of July holiday and another 68,000 will be injured.   Here are some tips for staying safe on the roads this holiday and living to enjoy the 5th of July.  Continue reading


It is hot and humid outside, in other words, it is a Tennessee summer. Many Tennesseans are trying to beat the heat with a trip to their local lake or river.  But before you head out, there are some things you should know.   The 2023 Tennessee Boating Incident Statistical Report has been released and boating accidents have increased.   Read on to learn which bodies of water had the most incidences and fatalities, what day and times are the most dangerous and about Boating Under the Influence laws and penalties.  Continue reading


In the past several years, car accidents have been on the rise.  In fact, according to the most current data, deadly car accidents have increased by 16% throughout the United States.  Automakers and safety regulators at The National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) are keen to use new technology to try and help reverse that trend with the implementation self-driving tractor-trailers and automatic emergency braking systems.  But others are concerned about the safety of the technology and its overall effectiveness. Continue reading


Dogs are often referred to as “man’s best friend”.  Apparently, the expression has its origins from an 1870 trial in Missouri, Burden v. Hornsby.   Lawyer and senator, George Vest represented a man whose dog, Old Drum, had been shot by a neighbor for allegedly killing the neighbor’s sheep.  In his closing arguments, while eulogizing Old Drum, Vest suggested the idea that a dog is man’s best friend.*   But unfortunately, that is not always true.  In fact, the number of dog bites and dog attacks is increasing.   Read on for the surprising statistics and how to prevent dog bites and attacks. Continue reading


For Valentine’s Day, I received a gift card for a spa.  When I began to book an appointment online for the massage, I was asked to electronically sign a Release of All Claims.  Among other things, the Release of All Claims for a massage at this spa stated that if death resulted from the massage, then the spa was not responsible.  There were also other excessive provisions. I declined to sign the Release of All Claims, and the spa was kind enough to refund the purchased gift card, but the outrageousness of their request is not particularly isolated.  Every day, businesses ask their prospective customers to sign releases before providing services or allowing participation in activities.  As such, we thought it would be good to review what exactly is a release of all claims. Continue reading



The most common cause of a bike accident is collision with a car or truck.  Not surprisingly, given the disparity in weight and protection between a bicycle and car, the bicyclist typically suffers serious injuries.   Most bicycle accidents occur in urban areas and are caused by a car or truck driver failing to yield.  According to the Department of Safety, there were 370 bicycle accidents in Tennessee in the most recent data year.  So, if you are a bicyclist, do you know what to do after a bike accident?  Do you know what insurance covers a bicycle accident?  Do you know how to make a claim for a bike accident?   And do you know how long it is going to take to recover from a bike accident? Continue reading


We have a 16-year-old in our house so we have recently re-experienced the thrill of being able to drive.  For those of us who do not live in walkable cities, driving is independence.  It is being able to go where you want when you want.  However, today’s post is going to focus on two situations in which you should not drive.  Steps are underway for technology to prevent you from driving in one instance.  In the other instance, the completely unsophisticated but powerful pen and paper will help you know when not to drive.  Curious?   Read on. Continue reading

Fatal car accidents are falling in most countries but not the United States.  Why is that?  Like most complex problems, there is not a singular cause, and some of the causes are uniquely American.  For instance, in Europe, 75% of the vehicles have manual transmissions. In the U.S., only 4% of the vehicles on the road have manual transmissions and, since 2018, only 2% of the vehicles sold have manual transmissions.  Why is this important?  You need two hands to drive a manual transmission – one to hold the steering wheel and one to shift.  Unless you have three hands, a manual transmission makes it more difficult to use a phone while driving.   Read on to learn more and what you can do to protect yourself.

According to the experts, other major reasons for the number of fatal car accidents in the US are:

  1. A lack of sidewalks and dedicated bike lanes



Last week, we told you that Tennessee ranked as the 7th worst in the nation for car accidents and how to protect yourself with uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.  Unfortunately, Tennessee also ranks 7th worse in the nation for accidents involving trucks, so this week we have advice for you in the event you are injured by a large truck. Continue reading


How are you doing on your New Year’s resolution?  Whether you love them or hate them, resolutions are a New Year tradition for most people.  The purpose, of course, is to identify areas in your life for improvement and then resolving to stop doing the bad things or begin doing beneficial things.   The overwhelming majority of resolutions take time and, unfortunately, the majority fail.  Lucky for you, the award-winning attorneys at the Law Offices of John Day have a resolution for your New Year that is easy, does not take much time at all but could make all the difference in the event you are involved in a car accident. Continue reading

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