Bad Accidents and Good Fortune


Last week, author Seth Godin wrote a blog post about good and bad accidents and, to be honest, we keep thinking about it.  Perhaps Seth’s article has stuck with us because at the Law Offices of John Day, our award-winning lawyers see bad accidents and their lasting aftermath every single day.   Quite frankly, it can get you down.  Needless injuries and deaths caused by carelessness can be hard to stomach day in and day out.  So what keeps us going?  Good fortune.  Or as Seth put it, good accidents.  In follow-up to Thanksgiving, we thought we would share some with you.

Let’s start with the fact that we have the good fortune to now have important safety technology in cars.  This week in 1956, Ralph Nader published his book Unsafe at Any Speed.  Largely considered an indictment of the auto industry’s safety record, Nader’s book was instrumental in the passage of the National Traffic Motor Vehicle Safety Act.  Over time, the National Traffic Motor Vehicle Safety Act has resulted in seatbelts, collapsible steering columns, shatterproof windshields, increased door latch strength and much more.  As a result, while traffic fatalities are still too common and preventable, these standards helped significantly reduce traffic fatalities.

We have the good fortune to live in a time when medicine has advanced to the point of transplanting damaged organs, creating prosthetic limbs, flying people to hospitals in helicopters and more.  The advances in medicine are simply incredible and have helped save lives and improve the quality of lives for people injured in all types of accidents.

At the Law Offices of John Day, we recognize our good fortune of working with our incredible team.  From our nurse paralegal, Cheryl Terrell, who has been here for more than 20 years to our wonderful receptionist Margaret who we somehow keep talking out of retirement to our award-winning attorneys, we are fortunate to work with a team of caring, conscientious, hard-working individuals, who have been recognized locally and nationally for their work.

While we help our clients successfully navigate the civil justice system and recover the money they deserve for their injuries, our clients help us too.  Their physical recoveries are motivational.  Their positive attitudes during the worst of times are inspirational.  And often, their friendships are lasting.  Simply stated: more good fortune.

And speaking of the civil justice system, while it is far from perfect, it is a wonderful system that should be protected from outside influence, over-reaching from other branches of government and spurious attacks.  It is not a lottery or a game, but instead provides an organized, non-violent way for people to address their grievances and seek compensation for wrongs.  We are fortunate to have it.

So as we leave the Thanksgiving holiday behind and look ahead, even in the face of bad accidents, we hope you can find some good fortune.  As always, we hope you don’t need us, but we are here if you do. Simply give us a call.

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