Should I See A Doctor About My Injuries?

I was in a car wreck yesterday.  I thought I was ok but I woke up this morning and feel absolutely horrible.   Should I go to the doctor, or should I just tough it out?

You should see your doctor and accurately report the nature and extent of your concerns.   Call and make an appointment to get in and see the doctor as soon as you can.

Why?   There are three reasons.  First, your doctor may uncover a problem that is more serious than you think it is.  

Second, your doctor may prescribe some sort of treatment or therapy that will help you heal faster and minimize the impact of the injury on your life.  

Third, in the event that your physical problems continue the at-fault driver’s insurance company will expect to see prompt consultation with a doctor about your problems.  The failure to promptly see a doctor may lead the insurance company to conclude that you were not hurt in the wreck or at least not seriously hurt.   More importantly, a jury may see it the same way.  Remember, the burden is on you to prove that the injuries you claim you had occurred as a result of the wreck.   And, whether it is fair or not, jurors (and insurance companies) are more likely to link the injuries to the wreck if prompt medical attention is sought.

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