My Car Was Hit By a Police Car!

I was driving in Nashville and a police car ran a red light and plowed right into the side of me.  I had to go to the hospital and they discovered that I broke my leg in the crash.  Can I sue the police officer for causing the wreck?

Under Tennessee law, you cannot sue the police officer but you can sue the local government that employed the police officer.  Therefore, if the police officer was employed by Metro Nashville, you can sue Metro Nashville.

Under Tennessee law, a governmental entity is responsible for certain negligent acts and omissions of its employees but its financial responsibility is capped at $300,000 for any one person, regardless of the seriousness of the injuries or even if the person is killed by the negligent act or omission.  Damages to property are limited to $100,000.   

There are various other unusual components to claims against local governments.   (For example, the case is decided by a judge, not a jury.)   An experienced personal injury lawyer will understand the law in this area and will be able to assist you.

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