While doing some cleaning out last weekend, we came across this old Peanuts book titled: Security is a Thumb and a Blanket.  2020 has certainly caused many of us to long for more security whether it be in our economic situation, our health, our relationships, etc.   If only a thumb and a blanket could keep us from danger or threat.  As we flipped through the book, we saw the above photo.  It is a great reminder of the importance of choosing the right team.   If you think you or a loved one might need an injury attorney, read on to learn more about how to pick the right one for you – even if it is not us.

Let me begin by saying that if you have been seriously injured in an accident, hiring a lawyer is in both your short-term and long-term best interest.   In the short run, you can hand-off all of the responsibilities, work and hassle of pursuing your case to someone who is experienced in doing all of the things necessary to protect your rights.  For just a basic overview of what you will need to do if you go it alone, check out this FAQ page.  And don’t forget, we handle your case on a contingency basis so it costs you nothing out-of-pocket to have us do the work for you. Next, in the long-run, your recovery will likely be significantly greater.  In fact, the Insurance Research Council studied this issue and found that injury victims who hire a lawyer typically receive 3 ½ times more in compensation than those who try to handle the case themselves.

When hiring any lawyer, you need to do your homework.  We have created a checklist of things you should ask so that you can make an informed decision.  You can find the checklist here.  We believe our team of award-winning lawyers, full-time nurse paralegal and professional staff will exceed your expectations.  We encourage you to peruse our website and read about our awards and honors, our client testimonials and our successes.  Check out our Facebook and Google reviews.  If you personally know any lawyers or judges, ask about our reputation.   Then, give us a call.  We will review your case, answer your questions and give you are assessment in a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation.

At the Law Offices of John Day, we have over 100 years of combined experience in handling injury cases, so you can feel secure that we know the law.  In fact, John Day has written a number of books on injury law that are used by lawyers and judges across the State of Tennessee.  We have lawyers who are board-certified in civil litigation.  So in the event your case must be tried to get you the compensation you deserve, you can feel secure that you are with a professional team.  In short, after a serious accident, we want to offer you some security.  The security of knowing you are in good legal hands which will allow you to focus on healing and re-constructing your normal.

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