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The first person ever arrested for drunk driving was a man named George Smith.  According to the History Channel, on September 10, 1897, Mr. Smith, a young taxi driver, got drunk and then drove his taxi into a building.  124 years and 6 days later, drunk driving continues to be a problem on roadways.   That is why The Law Offices of John Day continues to offer safe ride homes, and we are excited about our current free rideshare program with Middle Tennessee State University.

After Blue Raiders games, fans can get home safely via promo codes with Lyft being offered by the Law Offices of John Day and MTSU.  The promo code will offer $25 off a ride for up to 9 hours following Blue Raiders home games.  MT Athletics will offer a limited amount, of up to $10 per user, for the remaining home games.   Middle Tennessee State University and The Law Offices of John Day are both proud members of the Murfreesboro and greater Rutherford County community and we are committed to getting fans home safely by keeping drivers who have imbibed too much off the roads.

If you are a Blue Raiders fan, the following codes apply for the remaining home games:

October 2 – JohnDayLegal2

October 30 – JohnDayLegal3

November 13 – JohnDayLegal4

November 20 – JohnDayLegal5

When George Smith crashed his taxi back in 1897, nobody was hurt except the car and the building.  Mr. Smith pleaded guilty and was fined 25 shillings.  In the 124 years since that first arrest, public awareness has increased about the dangers of drunk driving and so have the penalties including jail time, hefty fines, attorney’s fees, significant increases to your car insurance, etc. Yet, the problem continues.  More than 1,500 people die in alcohol related crashes each year and even more are seriously injured.  Every single year, almost 1.5 million people are arrested for drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs.  In the last ten years, Rutherford County alone has had 3,773 alcohol-related crashes.  So if you or someone you know needs a safe ride home from Floyd Stadium, we hope you will take advantage of this safe ride home campaign.  It could save a life including your own.

At the Law Offices of John Day, our award-winning attorneys are privileged to represent victims of all types of car crashes including those that involve drunk driving.  We offer a free consultation so that you can understand your rights and decide if we are the right law firm for you.  If we think we can help and you decide to hire us, we handle all accident cases on a contingency basis.  To get started, give us a call at our Murfreesboro office or one of our other conveniently located Middle Tennessee offices:

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Finally, we would be remiss in our partnership with a great educational institution like Middle Tennessee State University if we did not offer some education of our own.  So before you call any injury attorney, we encourage you to educate yourself on some of the important issues by visiting these pages from our website:

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