Xarelto: Convenient But Also Dangerous

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You may have seen the Xarelto commercials featuring Arnold Palmer, Kevin Nealon, Chris Bosh and Brian Vickers — the ones that tout the convenience of Xarelto. According to the manufacturer, there are two benefits of Xarelto: (1) patients on Xarelto do not have to avoid vitamin K rich foods and (2) patients on Xarelto do not have to undergo frequent blood tests to monitor their INR.  Now, if you are a patient on warfarin (Coumadin), the decades-old blood thinner, Xarelto might sound like an attractive option. But, most patients do not know the dangers of Xarelto.

Of course, all blood thinners carry the risk of internal bleeding. But studies suggest that Xarelto has a much higher incidence of internal bleeding than warfarin (Coumadin).   While this is bad, it gets worse.   With warfarin (Coumadin) if bleeding occurs, doctors can quickly reverse the anticoagulant properties of the drug. The same is not true with Xarelto. There is not an effective reversal agent, which means if a patient does have a bleeding incident, serious injuries or even death could occur.  Other risks are also present with Xarelto and you can read about them as well as how Xarelto was launched on the FDA’s fast track, how Xarelto is similar to Pradaxa and more on our website. We have five pages dedicated to Xarelto information and all you need to do is click on one of the links below:

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Pursuing a Xarelto Claim

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