Why Has My Health Insurance Company Sent Me A Form Asking Me About Whether I Was in An Accident?

Health insurance companies know that certain types of injuries are often caused by trauma, and that trauma many times is caused by the negligence of one or more people other than the person who has hurt.

So, when a health insurance company is presented with a claim that involves an injury that it believes may be related to trauma, it sends out a questionaire trying to figure out the circumstances giving rise to the claim and whether a personal injury claim will be made.

And why do insurance companies do that?  Because most health insurance policies have a contractual provision called "subrogation" or "reimbursement" that gives them the right to be repaid in the event that a liability settlement is reached for the injury that required payment of health insurance benefits.

We ask our personal injury clients to forward these questionaires to us and let us assist the client in completing the questionaire.  

Whether the health insurance company has a right to subrogation or reimbursement for the medical bills it paid is dependent on several factors, including whether state or federal law applies, the language of the provision, and other factors.  

Do not ignore these questionaires, and do not ignore the subrogation or reimbursement rights of a health insurer.  Failure to follow contract language may result in a lawsuit against you and in the loss of your health insurance.

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