Meningitis Outbreak First Discovered in Tennessee Now Includes Virginia, Maryland, Florida and North Carolina

The fungal meningitis outbreak has expanded to 26 people in five states, each of whom received steroid injections.  Four people have died, including two Tennesseans.

Tennessee has the most victims (18) followed by Virginia (3), Maryland (2), Florida (2) and North Carolina (1).  In addition to the two deaths in Tennessee one person died in Virginia and another died in Maryland.

Meningitis is a infection of the membrane that surrounds the brain and spinal court. Media reports indicate that Aspergillus, a mold commonly found outdoors, is the infectious organism impacting these patients. This type of meningitis is not spread by person-to-person contact.

It has been reported that the steroid was made a speciality pharmacy in Farmington, Massachusetts known as the New England Compounding Center.  The company has recalled three lots of the steroid.  It has not been reported how many vials constitute three lots.  Nor has it been reported how many vials of the product were actually used in the treatment of patients – typically back pain patients – before the recall.

Finally, it still has not been confirmed that the steroid is the cause of the infections.  The Centers for Disease Control is still investigating this cases to determine the cause of the outbreak.



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