What Questions Can I Be Asked in A Lawsuit?

I was hurt in a truck wreck.    I could not get the case settled and I filed a lawsuit.  Now the trucking company is asking me all sorts of personal questions.  Can they do that?

Yes, within limits.   A person who is sued has the right to ask you information about your claim and also questions reasonably designed to find evidence that might be admissible at trial.   Thus, if you allege that you hurt your back in a lawsuit, they have the right to know if you ever hurt your back before and, if so, how you were hurt and what medical treatment you received.

If you claim you lost wage as a result of the accident the company has a right to know how much money you make and see documentation of your wage loss.

There are some areas that the trucking company cannot get into.   However, the scope of inquiry is wide, and you should assume that you have to answer every question unless an experienced personal injury lawyer tells you that you do not have answer it. 

Whatever you do, don’t lie.   I don’t care how stupid or personal you think the question is, don’t lie.  A lie can significantly hurt your case.   If you have the urge to conceal the information, tell your lawyer your concerns and he or she will guide you through the process.


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