What Is Med Pay Coverage?

I was hurt in a car wreck and told my insurance company about the wreck.  The claims adjuster said that I had $10,000 in medical payments coverage and that if I would send the bills in the insurance company would the bills up to $10,000.   Why should my insurance company have to pay for my medical bills when the wreck was not my fault?

Your insurance company will pay because you paid for this insurance coverage.  It can be very helpful to you if the wreck was your fault or if the you cannot find the driver who hit you.   It can also be helpful to help you pay co-pays and deductibles not covered by your health insurance.

The fact that your insurance company pays some or all of your medical bills does not let the other driver or that driver’s insurance company off-the-hook.   You can still seek payment of the bills from your insurance company and, if the other driver is liable for the crash and the bills were reasonable and incurred for necessary medical services in connection with the wreck then you can collect them again from the at-fault driver and that driver’s insurance company.  However, your insurance policy probably requires you to re-pay them if you receive payment for your medical bills from the at-fault driver and that driver’s insurance company.

An experienced personal injury lawyer can guide you through your rights on these issues.

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