The Wheel of My Car Fell Off! What Are My Rights?

I was driving my car when the wheel fell off. I lost control of the car and had a wreck. I ended up in the hospital with lots of broken bones and a concussion. I have missed three months of work. Do I have any rights?

You might. However, it will be very important that to find and keep the car you were driving and the wheel that came off the car. This evidence is essential to determining if you have a valid case and proving your case if you actually have one.    An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you find your vehicle.

If you find the car and wheel on your own, take steps to preserve it from the elements and from any other damage. Do not do any independent tests. Do not do any work or alter it in any way. Make sure it stays in a secure place until your lawyer can help you with preserving it.

This same advice applies whenever you or a family member is hurt during the use of any product. Immediately set the product aside and do not alter it in any way. Many people fiddle with the product trying to understand how the incident happened. Don’t do this – doing so may affect your legal rights.

After gathering and preserving the item, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer and ask them to conduct an investigation to see what rights you have. 

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