As Tay Tay says: “All You Are Ever Going To Be Is Mean”

mean dog

I know you may think this article is about politics and it surely could be. The rhetoric in this election year has been meaner and uglier than I can remember. But, I am talking about lawyers. While mean is not the quality anyone is usually looking for in leaders, family or friends, contrary to a lot of folks popular belief, it is also not the quality you should be seeking in a lawyer. Let me explain.

Something bad has happened to you: you are getting a divorce, you have lost your job, you have been injured in an accident or a loved one has been killed in an accident. To be sure, it is human nature to want your pound of flesh. Someone did something bad to you and you want to do something bad to him or her to make them pay.

Here is why you should not be looking for the meanest junk-yard dog available for your fight.   Mean is easy. But it does not equate with success or winning. In fact, after practicing law for more than 34 years, I would say it more often equates with losing. When your goal is to inflict pain, you often lose sight of the goal line. And to be clear, the goal line is winning your case. Now winning may look like different things depending upon the case. In a divorce, winning looks like receiving the monetary settlement to which you are entitled while protecting your children from the hardship that is divorce. In an accident case, winning looks like proving the other party was responsible and making them pay every penny you are entitled to receive for your damages while avoiding unnecessary expense.

Being mean and barking the loudest in correspondence with other parties, depositions, hearings and trials is only a distraction from the ultimate goal. And more than that, it is not soon forgotten by other lawyers and judges who may be gunning for your lawyer even harder because of prior conduct. Would you rather your lawyer be known for winning or for being the biggest a**hole in the county?

Look, we know trying to find the right lawyer is hard. We urge you to read our FAQ sheet for help. Then, do you research. Get recommendations from other lawyers if you know one. Look at client testimonials. Compare credentials. And if anyone recommends a lawyer because they are the most vulgar, mean and hateful, please think about what I have said.

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