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I talked with my insurance agent today and she said I could save money on my auto insurance  if I reduced my uninsured motorist coverage to the minimum amount.  She said that in Tennessee everyone is required to have auto insurance so this coverage doesn’t do me much good.  Is she right?

Well, she is partially right, but the advice she gave you is wrong.  

Uninsured motorist insurance coverage protects you if the driver of another car causes a wreck and have no insurance coverage or does not have sufficient insurance coverage to pay for the harm they cause.   Tennessee does require every car to have liability insurance coverage, but the law is relatively weak in that you just have to have proof of liability insurance coverage if the police pull you over, usually for something else.  In states that are really serious about it, such as North Carolina, you have to have proof on insurance coverage to get a license plate for your car, and if the insurance expires the State is notified and the police come out and take the tags off your car.

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