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I live in Tennessee.  My son  was sexually abused by a neighbor when he was 14.   He is 18 now. Can my son sue the abuser, or has the time for taking legal action expired?

Yes.  Tennessee law requires that he must  file suit before his 19th birthday.   The failure to file suit by his 19th birthday will result in a loss of his rights.

People sexually abused in Tennessee when they are adults have only one year from the date of the incident to file suit, but special rules apply if the person who was the abuser was a "therapist" within the meaning of T.C.A. Sec. 29-26-203.   If you think you have been abused by a therapist (or anyone else for that matter), contact an experienced personal injury lawyeras soon as possible.   Make sure you discuss this with your parents as soon as possible if you have not already done so. 

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