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This is hard.  I don’t even have to explain what I am talking about.  Everyone of us knows – all too well.  Watching the news can make it harder with statistics on confirmed cases, economic fallout, dire predictions, etc.   Scrolling through social media, it is easy to find doomsday rumors, finger-pointing and crazy conspiracy theories.  So we wanted to try and help be the antidote to all that bad news and noise and join the ranks of those who are trying to make people smile and feel better.  We want to remind people that as Tennesseans we are strong and resilient and this too shall pass.  So here is your mid-week boost.

First, we love our neighbors – even if we do not live in the same neighborhood as them anymore.  Yesterday, our old neighbors and dear friends left a sweet little package on our front porch.  A roll of toilet paper (which would probably trade higher on the NYSE than gold right now), some hand sanitizer with a sticker that says: “Spread love not germs”.  Amen!  And a Hershey’s chocolate bar.   If all that was not enough, it was wrapped with a bow and had a cute gift tag on it that said: “Hang in there”.  This was a great reminder that we can all do something for our neighbor: bake them some cookies, pick up something they need at the grocery, mow their lawn or just give them a call or send them a text checking on them.  This is doubly important if you have elderly neighbors near you.


Second, I have always loved the phrase: Remember who you are and whose you are.  In stressful and strange times, this admonition is even more important. We are Americans and our country has survived and then thrived after a multitude of wars, countless natural disasters and even prior pandemics including the Spanish flu.  And we are Tennesseans, the Volunteers.  As Vols, we have survived Lane Kiffin.  Just kidding, I am not talking about those Vols.  I am talking about the fact that we, as a people, are so eager to help (beginning in the War of 1812) that we were nicknamed the Volunteers.  So when you feel yourself getting stressed, remember who you are and whose you are and live up to that history.


Over on the Law Offices of John Day’s Facebook page, we are going to start playing some games to help bring a little fun to your day.  Right now, we want to know what your quarantine nickname is.  To determine it, you combine your current emotional state (tired, determined,  stressed, resolute, anxious, etc.) with the last thing you ate (almonds, chocolate,  Captain Crunch, etc.)  For instance, I am a Cautiously Optimistic Almond.  (Yes, cautiously optimistic is a mental state probably expressed only by lawyers.)  If you post your quarantine nickname, you are entered to win one of three $50 VISA gift cards we are giving away this Friday.  So head on over to our Facebook page and play along.  We will have a new game and giveaway each week.  We hope the game will make you smile and it might even help you with your grocery bill or help support a local restaurant with a to-go order.

Buck up, friends.  The ride may be bumpy but we are going to get through it.  Together.




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