Smiles, Encouragement and Tips – Week 2


Last week, we started this mid-week boost where we try to give you something to smile about in the face of all the bad news and anxiety.  We also want to give you some important legal tips that can help your neighbor or you during this time of social distancing.  But, let’s start with an update.

In our last post, we told you about our former neighbor who left us a sweet little package of toilet paper and hand sanitizer all tied up with a pretty bow and a kind note.  The hand sanitizer appropriately said: “Spread love, not germs.”  So, we did just that.  My Spanish teacher moved to Amsterdam last week as her husband took a new job there.  They did not have bleach wipes and only a little bit of hand sanitizer for the plane rides, so we shared the love, as instructed, and left them a Ziploc bag full of bleach wipes and the gifted hand sanitizer for them to use for their flight, and we are happy to report they made it to Amsterdam safely.



Now, let’s talk about two tips.  With gyms closed and government officials limiting activities at parks (volleyball nets and basketball goals have been taken down, etc), more and more people are getting their exercise in the form of running, biking and walking so, for the love, please slow down and pay attention.  If you are following social media, you do not have to look too hard to find someone complaining, and sometimes attaching a photo of a car or license plate, of a reckless driver.  In fact, in Brentwood this week, neighbors took to NextDoor to complain about a speeding driver who had concerned numerous people in separate incidences. Through a group effort, they were able to identify the driver, a teenage boy.  The teenager has now lost his driving privileges and was made to apologize on social media for being irresponsible. (Kudos to the parents.) Thankfully, that was the worst that happened to him or the pedestrians around him.  Again, slow down and pay attention while driving.  During this already stressful quarantining time, no one needs to add to their stress by being involved in an accident and then dealing with the legal fallout from it.


Second, no one wants to think about medical directives, wills or trusts.  John and I had to force ourselves to update all of our documents a few years ago.  It is not fun but maybe this is the sign that you have been waiting on.  Let’s face it, we all probably have the time right now and, unfortunately, there is more risk.  We do not do any of this type of legal work, but we are happy to provide you with some names of lawyers who do and that we recommend.  And speaking from experience, it feels so good to take care of it.  So, let us know if you need a referral so you can check this box.

OK, now on to something to make you smile: Dolly.  Who does not love them some Dolly?   In conjunction with her generous and popular Imagination Library, the country legend is going to start a 10-week series, Goodnight With Dolly, where she reads bedtime stories to children (and probably a lot of adults too).  The series starts tomorrow, April 2nd at 6:00 p.m. and will continue every Thursday for 10 weeks.  The bedtime stories will air on Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library YouTube Channel.

One last thing: The Law Offices of John Day has started a new give-away over on our Facebook page.  Tell us which famous person you would like to be quarantined with and be entered to win one of three $50 VISA gift cards.  We want to spread a little fun while helping folks with their grocery bill or a take-out meal from a local restaurant.

Stay healthy, friends!

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