Lawsuits Seeking Damages For Crime Victims

Assault, rape, sexual abuse, theft, and murder are not just crimes. They also give rise to a right for the victim to seek damages for the harm caused.

Our firm has represent victims for each of these crimes and brought lawsuits against those who committed the crimes or those who negligently allowed the crimes to occur.

We have successfully sued a motel who did not have proper security on site, resulting in the rape of a guest. We have successfully represented several women who were raped in their apartments – their landlords did not have proper security. We have sued a day care center for allowing a sexual deviant to work with children, resulting in sexual abuse to our young client. We have sued several churches for allowing those with a history of sex crimes to be in the present of children – children who were later sexually abused. We have represented two young girls who were sexually victimized by an adult neighbor, and the family of a murder victim.

And, we have sued many drunk drivers and, from time to time, the bars and restaurants who illegally served the drunks alcohol when they were obviously intoxicated.

The Law Offices of John Day, P.C. would be happy to talk with any crime victim and determine whether compensation can be recovered for the injuries received. Please complete our contact form or call us toll-free at 866.812.8787.

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