Criminals Cannot Avoid Financial Responsibility for Their Crimes By Filing For Bankruptcy

Those who rape, murder, beat up, or steal from others are not only committing crimes – they also can be sued for monetary damages for the harm they cause.  As Tennessee personal injury lawyers who represent crime victims, one frequent question is the availability of resources of the criminal to compensate crime victims

Of course, sometimes it makes no sense to file a lawsuit against the criminal because he or she does not have any money and will be spending time in prison. However, there are some criminals have assets and those assets can be used to compensate the crime victims.  

It is important to know that a criminal who is ordered to pay damages to his or her victim cannot escape that responsibility by filing bankruptcy. Many types of debts of a person filing bankruptcy are wiped out in the bankruptcy process, but debts arising from intentional conduct are not. 

Thus, a criminal can still face financial responsibility for the harm they cause once he or she gets out of prison and cannot avoid that obligation by filing for bankruptcy.  A judgment against a criminal who causes harm is good for ten years and can be renewed every ten years.  Thus, even a criminal who serves a 20-year sentence may then have to start making payments on a judgment owed to his or her victims.

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