Jury Trials in Nashville, Tennessee Circuit Court in March 2012

There was a relatively large number of jury trials in the Circuit Court for Davidson County (Nashville), Tennessee in March, 2012.  Here are the results

Automobile Cases

  • Plaintiff awarded $8248
  • Plaintiff found 50% at fault and case dismissed (2 cases)
  • Defense verdict.
  • Plaintiff awarded $5000

Health Care Liability Cases

  • Plaintiff dismissed case after two days of trial
  • Defense verdict.
  • Mistrial declared after hung jury

Contract Case

  • Plaintiff awarded $4809

False Imprisonment Case

  • Case settled on second day of trial

A "win" for the plaintiff is not necessary a real win.  To understand whether the plaintiff truly won the case, one needs to know whether there was a pre-trial offer and what the amount of the offer was.

For example, if a plaintiff was offered $10,000 before trial and "won" $9000 from the jury must people would not call that a win.   

We report these jury verdicts because gives readers a more accurate picture of what is going on in our courtrooms that one typically learns from the media.  Large verdicts are rare, and most cases involve relatively modest amounts of money.  


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