Golf Carts on Public Streets Not Only Illegal But Unsafe

Two recent tragedies in Middle Tennessee remind us that golf carts have no place on public streets.

One fifteen year old boy was killed (and several other youths hurt) in one incident and three girls were hurt in a separate incident.

People use golf carts to get around neighborhoods, using public streets to do so.  They assume that the golf carts are safe because they operate at relatively low speeds.

But some golf carts operate at speeds of 20 miles per hour or more.  In addition, some carts have a relatively high center of gravity, increasing the likehood of a roll-over in the event of a sharp turn.  Finally, because golf carts have no seat belts and no real front or side impact protection, a collision with another vehicle or a fixed object will probably result in serious harm

It is illegal to operate golf carts on public streets.  There are certain types of carts that are street legal, but they must be registered and equipped with certain safety protections.

These laws exist for a reason – the safety of the public.  Golf carts belong on golf courses and should be operated by those mature enough to operate them safely.  They do not belong on public streets.

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