I Just Got A Subpoena!. Do I Have to Go to Court?

I live in Nashville and just got served with a subpoena to attend a car accident trial in Franklin, Tennessee.  I was a witness to the car wreck but really don’t want to take time off work to go to trial.  Do I have to go? 

Yes, unless you can work something out with the lawyers involved in the case and the court.  A subpoena is a court order that must be obeyed.  The court in Franklin has the power to order you to come from Nashville attend a trial.

Call the lawyer who had the subpoena issued and ask if you can be released from the obligation to attend.  If not, ask if you can show up at a particular date and time and not just be present on the first morning of trial and then have to wait until you are called as a witness.  Most lawyers will be happy to accommodate your schedule if it is at all possible to do so.

But, whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of just not showing up.  That would be a major mistake that can result in you getting in major trouble with the judge.

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