Car Accident Suit Against the State of Tennessee

I was involved in a wreck caused by the negligence of park ranger employed by the State of Tennessee.  The park ranger was driving a state vehicle during business hours.  I spent three days in the hospital and will have lots of physical therapy.  What are my rights?

You have legal rights, but they are limited as compared with those you would have against a private citizen or company.

You cannot sue the park ranger, but you can file a claim against the State.  You must first give notice to the State through the Attorney General’s office and, when the claim is denied (it almost certainly will be) you will need to file the claim with the Board of Claims.  The Board of Claims follows many of the same rules as the court system, but damages for personal injury are limited to no more than $300,000, regardless of the amount of your lost wages, medical bills, or long-term disability.

You will need the help of any experienced lawyer to help you with this matter.  Our firm has handled many of these cases over the years, and we will be happy to have an initial consultation with you at no charge.

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