Can I Receive Money for Lost Wages If My Employer Allowed Me to Use Sick Time As I Recovered From My Personal Injury Accident?

Yes, current Tennessee law permits  a person who has been involved in  a Tennessee automobile accident or some other type of Tennessee personal injury case to recover money from the at-fault party’s insurance company for time missed from work tor medical reasons.  This is true even if the time was paid because the employer permitted the time off to be classified as "sick days" or "vacation days" or "personal leave."

Why?  The law in Tennessee currently recognizes that it would be unfair for the at-fault driver to get the financial benefit of the injured party’s hard labor.  Vacation, sick and personal days are earned by the employee, and if the employee has to use the days because of a personal injury accident the days used are gone forever.  Thus, the law says that the employee can fairly claim the lost wages for each day missed from work even those the employee received wages as  benefit of employment.

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