Won’t The Best Lawyers Charge More Money To Represent Me in A Personal Injury Case?

I was hurt in a wreck caused by a big truck.  I need a personal injury lawyer.  I want a good lawyer, but I am worried about what it will cost. Won’t a good lawyer charge more?   

First of all, most Tennessee personal injury lawyers accept personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis, meaning that they only get paid if they win your case.  The fee is a percentage of your total recovery.  The larger the recovery the more the lawyer is paid.  The lower the recovery, the less the lawyer makes.  If your case is not successful you do not have to pay any fee whatsoever.

So, do the better lawyers charge a higher fee?  No.  In fact, my experience is that many lawyers charge a similar fee and some of the worst lawyers actually charge more than the better lawyers.  I believe that when you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer you not only increase the odds of winning your case but you also increase the likelihood of recovering more money.  The lawyer you hire makes a big difference.

How do you select a high-quality personal injury lawyer?  Study our Legal Guide.

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