Will the At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Pay My Lost Wages?

I was hurt in a wreck with a tractor-trailer and have missed six weeks of work.   It looks like it I will miss another six weeks of work and I am starting to hurt for money.  The truck driver was clearly at fault.  Will the trucking company’s insurance company pay me now for my lost wages?

Almost certainly they will not.  These insurance companies usually require that all medical bills, lost wages claims,  and other claims for damages be presented at one time and then they try to make a global settlement.

Why wait?  To put financial pressure on you and your family.  You see, they want you and your family to feel financial pressure so that you will settle for less than the fair value of your claim.

Truthfully, an experienced trucking litigation lawyer cannot force the insurance company to give you interim payments for wages.  He or she can try, but it usually won’t work.  A lawyer can help you evaluate your case and gather the information necessary to help  you get a just settlement for your case.  In addition, if a just settlement cannot be recovered, a lawyer can help you pursue the claim in court.

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