Will Not Going to Physical Therapy Hurt My Case?

I was hurt in a car wreck.,  My doctor prescribed physical therapy.  I am supposed to go three days per week.   The physical therapist is 60 miles away and I simply cannot afford the gas to go back and forth three days per week.  If I don’t go to physical therapy will it hurt my case?

It might hurt your case.  If you don’t go to physical therapy as prescribed the insurance adjuster and the lawyer for the insurance company will assume that you were not really injured or that you did not do everything you should have done to minimize the impact of the injuries on your life.

More importantly, the failure to get therapy may actually impact your recovery.

Thus, I recommend that you make every effort to go to physical therapy, even if it means cutting back on some other items that would ordinarily be part of your budget.  The physical therapy is important for your health, and your case.

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