Why Do Lawyers Use Exhibits At Trial?

My lawyer told me that he was going to have to spend a bunch of money to prepare exhibits at trial.  Why is that necessary?

Exhibits are necessary to communicate your case to a jury.  Many things can be communicated by oral testimony, but other matters are best communicated by documents, charts, models, computer generated re-enactments, etc.

Some exhibits – such as computer simulations – can be very expensive.  Other exhibits cost virtually nothing, such as pieces of paper enlarged via video camera on a screen.  

Experienced lawyers always think about the most effective way to communicate information to juries, and that includes consideration of various exhibits.  Experienced lawyers must take into account the likley value of the case in determining what type of exhibits can be used.   For example, it would be crazy to spend $5000 on exhibits in a case where the likely jury award was only $20,000.

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