What Is the Status of the DePuy Hip Implant Litigation?

I have a DePuy hip implant that has been recalled.  What is going on with the litigation?

Our firm is actively involved in these cases.  We have filed seven cases and are evaluating several more.   Our cases were originally filed in federal court in Nashville.  The federal courts have determined that justice is best-served if all cases in the nation that are filed in federal court are temporarily managed in one federal court.  Therefore, all of the cases have been transferred to a federal judge in Ohio for pretrial proceedings.

The federal judge is in the process of appointing which lawyers will actively manage all of the cases for the patients.  As soon as that decision is made (and that could happen any day now) the litigation will be actively moving forward.

There is no commonly accepted timeline about when these cases will be settled or tried.  I think it is unlikely that any settlement will be reached in 2011.

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