What Do I Do If A Tow Truck Operator Tries to Send Me to a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Rumor has it that some lawyers have "relationships" with tow truck operators.  These tow truck operators encourage people involved in Tennessee car or truck accidents to hire their lawyer friend.

The ethics of these type of relationships are questionable and, depending on the circumstances, are just plain wrong.  However, from your standpoint as a consumer who needs an experienced Tennessee personal injury lawyer, you have to give serious consideration to whether or not you  want to accept a recommendation of a lawyer made under these circumstances.

All lawyers are not equal.  Any lawyer who would push ethical boundaries to gain a client is a lawyer to be very concerned about.

Why?  Let me push it this way: how can you trust a lawyer to ethically represent you if that lawyer has engaged in any questionable activity to get your case?  

There is absolutely nothing wrong with relying on recommendations of family, friends and trusted co-workers for recommendations on who you you should hire as a personal injury lawyer.  But, you need to do your homework first – don’t just accept a recommendation blindly, especially from someone you don’t know.  The simple fact that there is some sort of relationship between a friend of yours and some lawyer does not mean that the lawyer is the right lawyer for your case.

So, how do you determine what lawyer you should hire to help you.  Read our Legal Guide- "Understanding How To Hire A Lawyer in a Personal Injury or Wrongful Death Case."  

Remember – the lawyer you hire makes a difference. Make sure to do due diligence before you hire any professional, including a lawyer.

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