Tennessee Medical Malpractice (Health Care Liability) Cases – The Need for Expert Testimony

Tennessee law requires almost always requires that a medical expert testify that a health care provider improperly treated the patient.  This expert must be familiar with the standard of care applicable to the health care provider at the time of the alleged wrong and must explain how the care actually given by the provider was inconsistent with what the standard of care required.  

A medical expert must also link the failure to follow the standard of care to an injury to (or death of) the patient.

There are some people (and even some lawyers) who think that the evidence of malpractice or injury is so clear that an expert witness should not be required.  It is true that sometimes an expert is not required in Tennessee medical malpractice cases, but such cases are extremely rare.  Never assume that your case will not require expert medical testimony unless an experienced Tennessee medical malpractice lawyer informs you that expert testimony is not required.


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