Troubling News About Uber

For the reasons outlined in this prior post on the subject, we have been interested in  the tort implications associated with Uber and similar ride-sharing services.   Recently, we read some troubling comments from Uber’s CEO regarding an alleged assault perpetrated by an Uber driver. Apparently, an Uber driver allegedly choked a woman who was kissing her bi-racial husband in the back seat of the Uber car. The Uber driver denies this account and claims the woman was drunk and belligerent. To be sure, we do not know what happened and who is telling the truth about the incident. But, we do know this: following the incident Uber’s CEO emailed his press team telling them that “we need to make sure these writers (press) don’t come away thinking we are responsible even when things do go bad. . . these writers are starting to think we are somehow liable for these incidents that aren’t even real in the first place.“   

To be sure, Uber’s CEO may have been correct: this alleged assault may have been contrived. But since his email was sent the same day as the attack, it is unlikely that he had the benefit of a full investigation into the matter to know one way or the other. Instead, his approach appears to be: deny, deny, deny. The fact that Uber’s CEO thinks he has no responsibility to his customers “when things do go bad” is alarming. However, it is unfortunately not unique. As injury lawyers, we see this approach taken time and time again, which is why we do what we do. 

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