On-Call Chauffeurs and Things You Should Consider Before Letting Them Drive Your Little Deuce Coupe, Little Red Corvette or your Hot Rod Lincoln

OK, I will admit it. I am a card-carrying member of AARP and I am proud of it – mostly because of the discounts I have enjoyed since qualifying for membership at age 51.   Earlier this week, while reading the AARP monthly magazine, I was alerted to the growing trend of on-call chauffeurs. Rather than using a taxi, the bus or Uber, etc., these on-call chauffeurs will drive you in your car.   While many of these companies are clearly trying to minimize drunk driving, they are certainly not limited to those situations. Over 600 such companies exist in over 46 states. In Nashville, our research revealed three on-call chauffeur companies: Guardian Angel Drivers, noDUIride and Scooter Squad.   Additional companies are located in Knoxville and Memphis. 

These on-call chauffeurs are fantastic to the extent that they prevent even one drunk driving accident. However, there are some things consumers should consider when using these services:

·       How are the drivers screened? Clearly, they should have a clean driving and criminal history?

·       Are the on-call chauffeurs insured and, if so, the amount of the insurance?

·       How does your insurance policy treat anyone driving your car with permission?

·       Do the chauffeurs actually have a chauffeurs’ license?

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