Tire Blew Out on Interstate 24 in Tennessee. What Are My Rights?

I just bought four new tires on my call three weeks ago.  As I was driving down Interstate 24 near Nashville the front tire blew out, causing me to lose control of my car.  The car rolled and my entire family was hurt in the wreck   Do we have any rights against the manufacturer of the tires? 

Perhaps.   It is essential that you contact a lawyer who has experience in products liability cases as soon as possible.  It the meantime, preserve whatever is left of the tire and the other tires on the car.  Also, the entire car should be preserved – do not permit your auto insurer to allow it to be destroyed.

You will need the tire itself so that you can determine what went wrong with it (if anything).  You need to preserve the other tires and the car so that an expert can better understand what caused the wreck and what, if anything, was wrong with the tire that blew out.

Permit me to add that there may have been absolutely wrong with the tire.  It is possible that the tire was not put on the rim properly or not properly inflated.  It is also possible that you hit some object on the road – or had a prior impact with a curb or some other fixed object – that affected the integrity of the tire.   Thus, it is essential that the tire that blew out – and preferably the other three as well – be preserved for inspection by a qualified expert.

To determine what must be proved in win a products liability claim, review The Law Offices of John Day, P.C.’s Legal Guide titled “Understanding Product Liability Claims in Tennessee.”

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