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I had a hip replacement a couple years ago.  I have had some problems with it.  Now I have received a letter from DePuy Orthopaedics, which has something to do with Johnson & Johnson, saying that my hip is being recalled.   What should I do now?


A total hip replacement replaces the body’s natural joint with an artificial one, usually made out of metal and plastic. A typical total hip replacement system consists of four separate components: (1) a femoral stem (2) a femoral head, (3) a liner, and (4) an acetabular shell. The surgeon hollows out a patient’s femur bone and the femoral stem is implanted. The femoral head is a metal ball that is fixed on top of the femoral stem. The femoral head forms the hip joint when it is placed inside the polyethylene liner and acetabular shell.

The DePuy ASR artificial hip replacement system.  The first components of the system was approved for use by the FDA in late 2003.  Other components or related systems were approved for use in later years. 

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