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Our house caught on fire and three members of my family got burned.  The fire department said that the cause of the fire was a kerosene stove we were using to supplement the heat from the furnace because it was really cold outside.   Do we have any rights against the manufacturer of the kerosene stove? 

Perhaps.   It is essential that you contact a lawyer who has experience in products liability cases as soon as possible.  It the meantime, preserve whatever is left of the heater and do not allow any further damage to the premises or start the repair / clean-up process.

You will need the stove itself so that you can determine what went wrong with it (if anything).  You need to preserve the scene until an expert can confirm that fire department’s opinion of the cause of the fire.  The fire department might be correct on the cause of the fire, but if the department does not have a lot of expertise in cause and origin of fires their opinion may be questioned.

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