Some Older Drivers Present Risk on Tennessee Roads

With age comes invaluable driving experience, but after a certain point it can also bring declining physical abilities which makes driving more dangerous.   Case in point: 78% of seniors drive regularly despite reporting slow reaction times and tiring easily behind the wheel.  13% of senior drivers reported difficulty hearing or seeing and 9 % report getting lost or feeling confused while driving. 

These days, I do not know what age qualifies one as being senior.  You can get an AARP card at 50 but the retirement age has been moved to 67.   One thing I do know is that with each passing year of my life, I think the age that one become a senior should get moved back. 

Given the squishy nature of when one becomes a “senior”, I elected to discuss the Tennessee crash statistics beginning at age 50.  Year to date, according to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, there have been over 3,609 car crashes involving drivers over age 50.  Note that this number excludes parking lot and private property car wrecks and car accidents  involving $400 or less in damage. 

Because Tennessee does not have any special testing requirements for older drivers, it is imperative that we all assess ourselves and our loved ones for continued driving ability.  By doing so, we ensure the safety of everyone.  

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