Smiles, Encouragement and Tips – Week 4


Nashville is incredibly fortunate to be home to world-class songwriters like Lee Thomas Miller, Wendall Mobley & Bob DiPiero.  Songwriter’s Nights are a favorite of ours.  It is fascinating to hear how hit songs came about.  But did you ever think you, sitting at home in your pajamas during a quarantine, could write a song with a music legend?  Well, Jon Bon Jovi is offering just that.  Read on for a story that will make you smile, an important legal tip and your encouragement for the week.

So, would you like to work with Jon Bon Jovi?  He is crowd-sourcing the lyrics to his new song: “Do What You Can”.  This week, he virtually dropped into a Florida kindergarten class who had submitted some lyrics for the song and sang it with them.  Read and watch more about this fun story here.   I bet that kindergarten teacher never thought he would be asking his students:  “Can you hear Mr. Bon Jovi?”   What a wonderful way for artists to share their gifts and encourage others to find their skills.


With salons and barbershops closed, like everyone else, we are getting a little shaggy over here at the Law Offices of John Day.  We bought some tools to try and keep ourselves from looking like Grizzly Adams but after friends and some well-known celebrities revealed their quarantine haircuts gone bad, John Day is having second thoughts about doing it at home.  If you want a laugh, search Google for bad quarantine haircuts.   I think there is a reason why my friend and hairstylist continues to post warnings for folks to just wait and let professionals handle their hair once salons reopen.

OK, here is this week’s legal tip and it fits perfectly with our new television ads featuring our own dog, Lincoln Day (a King Charles Cavalier) If you own a dog, take this time to check with your insurance carrier to see if you have insurance coverage for any harm the dog causes under your homeowner’s or renter’s policy.  Typically, homeowner’s policies will cover dog bites or other accidents caused by a dog (for instance, if a dog jumps on a visitor to your home and causes them to fall down sustaining serious injuries like a broken bone).  However, some policies do not cover this type of coverage and you may need to purchase it separately especially if you own a “bully breed”.   Many insurance companies will exclude coverage for Pit Bulls, Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, etc.  But again, you can purchase separate insurance to protect your assets and any victims, and it is relatively inexpensive.

Finally, if you are missing the local music scene, many artists are live-streaming concerts from their home.  Here is a site that can help you find the music you are missing.

Until next week, keep the faith, friends.  This too shall pass.

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