Sexual Abuse of Children in Tennessee Churches

As difficult as it is to believe, children continue to be molested in Tennessee churches.  Those who sexually abuse children put themselves in environments where children are present, and one place where many Tennessee children are routinely present is in church-sponsored child care centers, Sunday school classes and schools, and church camps and other church-related activities.

Responsible churches have a method a screening people who seek to work (as employees or volunteers) with children and have effective mechanisms in place to identify those who engage in suspicious behavior.  Responsible churches also have  mechanisms  in place to promptly investigate allegations of inappropriate activity  and report such persons as required by law. Prompt, accurate  reporting prevents future acts of abuse.

The failure  of churches to take responsible steps to protect children from predators can result in legal liability for the church.  Our Tennessee sex abuse lawyers  first became involved in this type of case over a decade ago, and as recently as this month (May 2013) we have been employed to investigate another church-related claim.

If your child has been sexually abused in a church-related setting, please call us for a free consultation.  If we agree that your child’s case has potential merit, we will embark upon an investigation to lead us to determine whether evidence exists that the church or others bear responsibility in the assault; this investigation will be conducted at no charge to you.  It is important to act quickly in these matters, as investigations become more difficult as time passes.   You can reach us at 866-812-8787 (local number – 615-742-4880) or if you complete our Contact Form we will call you.  All inquires will be kept confidential.


John Day represents victims of sexual abuse in civil claims seeking money damages against abusers and those that allow them to prey on others.   He is board-certified as a civil trial specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and, in fact, served as President of the organization. He is an elected member of the prestigious American College of Trial Lawyers. His book, "Day on Torts: Leading Cases in Tennessee Tort Law," is used by judges and lawyers across Tennessee to further their understanding of personal injury and wrongful death law in Tennessee. In 2009, Best Lawyers named John "Best Personal Injury Lawyer" for Nashville; he was the first recipient of that award. Best Lawyersalso named John as "Best Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Nashville" for 2010. John does not charge for an initial consultation and accepts personal injury and wrongful death cases on a contingent fee basis. You can reach him by telephone at 615.742.4880 or by email by clicking here

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