Safe Ride Home: Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is


Since 2018, The Law Offices of John Day, P.C. has offered a safe ride home on New Year’s Eve in Rutherford County, and we are excited to continue the tradition again this year.

Tennessee is one of the worst states for drunk driving, ranking 12th according to Forbes. And, according to the most recent data, despite decades of awareness campaigns, drunk driving fatalities in the United States have actually increased by 14% over the last year.

At the Law Offices of John Day, we see the horrible impact of drinking and driving.  Every year, we represent multiple clients who have been injured or lost a family member to drinking and driving, so we are deeply committed to preventing these tragedies and ensuring the safety of our community.  By sponsoring Lyft rides, our firm hopes to help people in Rutherford County make smart decisions about how to get home on New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve partygoers will have the opportunity to receive a free Lyft ride home (up to $25) within a 5-mile radius of Murfreesboro, TN between 10pm – 1am. If you are going to drink, be smart and plan a safe ride home.  To get your safe ride home, use code: JOHNDAYNYE on the Lyft app.  Ride codes are on a first-come, first-served basis, the ride limit is $25 and total spending will be capped at $5,000. Learn more at

If you need further encouragement to use our Safe Ride Home, the Tennessee Highway Patrol and most local law enforcement increase enforcement with additional officers and sobriety checkpoints on New Year’s Eve.  In Tennessee, a BAC of .08 is considered under the influence.  Even if you do not cause an accident, if you are caught driving under the influence, you can expect the penalties to be stiff.  In addition to jail time, there will be fines and legal fees.  Once your driving privileges are restored, you can expect your car insurance to rise by approximately 75%.  In total, most experts agree a DUI will cost you roughly $10,000.00.

At the Law Offices of John Day, we want everyone to enjoy the New Year’s Eve holiday.  But, we want you to do it safely.  “Be smart. stay safe. Protect yourself and those around you by taking advantage of our contribution to your safe ride home on New Year’s Eve. Make responsible drinking and driving a key point in your 2024 New Year’s resolutions.” – JOHN DAY

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