Results of Jury Trials in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee in July, 2012

Interested in Nashville jury verdicts ?  Here are the latest statistics from jury verdicts in all types of personal injury and wrongful death cases in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee for July, 2012.

There was one fraud case tried to a jury  in July, and the defendant won the case.

And there was one medical malpractice case tried to a jury . My memory is that this case was tried twice before.  This time, the plaintiff (a brain-damaged child) won $13,623,00).  This is one of only two patient victories in medical malpractice cases tried in Nashville in 2012.

And that’s it.  There were absolutely no jury trials in car wrecks or any other type of injury or wrongful death cases in the Circuit Courts for Davidson County (Nashville) in July 2012.

Thanks to the Rooker Report for sharing this information.

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