Physical Therapy: Should I Stop Going?

I got hurt in an accident and my doctor said I should go to physical therapy.  The therapist is 20 miles away and it is very inconvenient to go to therapy.   Plus, it doesn’t seem to do any good.  Will it hurt my case if I just stop going?

First, let me suggest you set the thoughts about your legal case aside for a moment.  Your doctor prescribed physical therapy because he or she thought it would help you.  It might not.  But it might.  And the progress you see might be small.  But you still need to go to physical therapy because you want to do what you can to reach a full recovery. 

Going to physical therapy may not help your case, but not going as the doctor asked you to do could hurt your case.  Insurance adjusters and jurors may conclude that you may not have been having the problems you say you were having (or are having)  if you failed to follow your doctor’s advice.  If you have to go before a jury in your case the jury will be told that it is your responsibility to minimize your damages. 

So, follow your doctor’s orders because you want to do what you can to get better – and because you don’t want to hurt your case by not following those orders.

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