Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Claims Against the State of Tennessee

Personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits against the State of Tennessee can arise from car accidents, slip and fall accidents, medical negligence, and a host of other circumstances.  Special rules apply to bringing claims against the State of Tennessee and there are limits on the amount of damages that can be awarded in such cases.

One special rule is that ordinarily a personal injury or wrongful death claim against the State of Tennessee cannot be filed in court.   Instead, a claim form must be completed and filed with the Division of Claims Administration of the Tennessee Department of Treasury in Nashville.  It is advisable to use the claim form provided for such purposes.  Click on the link to see a copy of the form using for filing a claim with the State of Tennessee.

Failure to properly file a claim on time will result in a loss of your rights.  If you have a serious claim you should seek the advice of an experienced injury lawyer to assist you in completing the form and navigating through the claim process, which typically involves a trial before a judge (called a "Claims Commissioner").

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