Pedestrian Deaths in Tennessee Can Be Avoided

A shocking number of pedestrians – 67 – died in Tennessee accidents in 2012, according to a report prepared by the Tennessee Highway Patrol that gave details on the number of motor vehicle accident deaths in Tennessee for the entire year.

Although the law protects pedestrians who cross the street in crosswalks, every adult pedestrian has the legal responsibility to exercise care for his or her safety.  Likewise, drivers have the responsibility to be on the lookout for pedestrians and to exercise reasonable care to avoid striking them.

How can pedestrians avoid becoming injured or killed by motor vehicles?  Follow these tips:

  • Wear bright clothing, and lights or reflective clothing when visibility is limited by darkness, rain or fog.  Running in dark clothing during darkness or bad weather is very dangerous.
  • Walk so your actions can be predicted by drivers and cross at crosswalks or intersections.
  • Keep pets from darting into streets or across trails.
  • Stop, look and listen when crossing streets, roads or trails.
  • Use less than half of a walking trail or shoulder (so you don’t force other pedestrians into the street).
  • Avoid talking on cell phones or listening to music when walking or running in busy areas.
  • Walk or ride on sidewalks if possible.  If there are no sidewalks, walk or run facing traffic.

Drivers should keep in mind the following in their efforts to avoid collisions with pedestrians:

  • Stay alert for pedestrians and respect their right to use the road.
  • Stay off the cell phone when driving through school zones and in areas where there are lots of  pedestrians.
  • Give at least 3’ of space when passing a pedestrian.
  • Stop for all pedestrians in a crosswalk or waiting to use one.
  • Look both ways for other users when entering a manin road from a side street or driveway.
  • Travel at 15 mph or slower in school areas during school hours, and allow for the inexperience of children.




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