New Technology to Improve Pedestrian Safety


Pedestrian accidents continue to climb.  In fact, pedestrian deaths are up 46% over the last decade compared to an increase of 5% for other traffic-related deaths.   The root causes of pedestrian accidents continue to be the same but now there is new technology to help prevent and minimize pedestrian accidents.  And, of course, there are things you can do to help too.

Technology is now being introduced in some new vehicles that can help prevent or minimize the severity of pedestrian accidents.  First, some cars are now being equipped with pedestrian detection systems.  These systems use a combination of cameras, radar and sensors to detect when a pedestrian is in the path of a car or truck.  These advanced systems can then apply the brakes to prevent an impact if the drivers fails to do so.

Some cars are also being equipped with a pedestrian speaker to alert pedestrians of the presence of a vehicle.  Because today’s cars, especially electric vehicles, are so much quieter, technology is now available to emit an audible warning when a car is being driven at low-speeds, typically less than 19 mph, in either drive or reverse, because even low-speed crashes can do substantial damage to a pedestrian.

The last piece of innovative technology is pedestrian airbags.  With this equjpment, if immediately prior to an impact, the sensors detect what appears to be human legs, the system will deploy an airbag from the underside of the hood to cover the lower part of the windshield and the A-pillars of the car, as these are the areas most likely for the head of a pedestrian to strike following a collision.  Of course, prevention is preferred but mitigation of injuries is also critically important.

If your car is not equipped with some of this new technology, you can still help prevent pedestrian accidents.  Distracted driving, speeding, failure to yield, alcohol and drug impaired driving and failure to obey traffic signals continue to be the leading causes of pedestrian accidents.  So, of course, drivers should slow down and give their full time and attention to driving and not get behind the wheel if they are impaired.  Pay attention to traffic signals, crosswalks and share the road with pedestrians. Drivers should be especially vigilant in urban areas as that is where the majority of pedestrian accidents occur.  At night, drivers should be particularly careful as that is when more pedestrian accidents happen due to decreased visibility.

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