New Hope for Patients with Paralysis

In the United States, over 6 million Americans suffer with paralysis. Some of the injuries were induced by traumatic spinal cord injuries. Others were the result of medical conditions such as stroke or medical malpractice in the form of birth injuries and otherwise. 

But, there is new hope in the form of implanted electrical devices. The devices are implanted under the skin of the abdomen and electrodes are then placed at the patient’s spinal cord. Then, the device sends electrical impulses to the spinal cord which basically reboots the neurons and retrains the nerves.  

In a recent study, four patients who were all left paralyzed from car accidents and motorcycle accidents have been able to retrain their damaged nerves allowing them to voluntarily move their affected limbs. While none of the patients have learned to walk again, one of them has been able to stand for as long as 27 minutes. 

Researchers are excited about this breakthrough and the promise it holds for paralysis patients. Of course, we are excited too. We have been fortunate to help clients who have sustained catastrophic spinal cord injuries, and we know the toll these types of injuries can take on not only the patient but also the entire family.  To have cause for hope is a beautiful thing.

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