Live in Indiana, Hurt in Car Accident in Nashville, Tennessee and Need Lawyer

 I live in Indiana but was injured in a car accident on Interstate 65 right outside of Nashville.  Do I need a Tennessee lawyer?

You will almost certainly need a Tennessee lawyer.  An Indiana lawyer will probably not be familiar with Tennessee law and will not be able to file a lawsuit here.  Quite candidly, an experienced personal injury lawyer from Indiana would probably be able to negotiate some sort of settlement for you, but once again may be hampered by a lack of knowledge of Tennessee law and procedure that could impact the value received at settlement.

If your hire an Indiana lawyer he or she will probably ask the assistance of a Tennessee lawyer to help him or her with the case.  I have helped lawyers from dozens of states in this situation, and it works quite well if the out-of-state lawyer calls us early enough to protect your rights.   Tennessee law requires that such cases be filed within one year of the date of accident and, unfortunately, several times a year I get a call from an out-of-state lawyer who missed the one year deadline.

So, you can hire a lawyer back home or you can hire a Tennessee lawyer from the outset.  We recommend that you read our Legal Guide "Understanding How to Hire a Lawyer in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases" before you hire a lawyer in either state.  

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