Jury Trials In Nashville, Tennessee Circuit Court in April 2012

Here are the results for civil jury trials that occurred in the Circuit Court for Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee in April, 2012.  

The phrase "civil jury trials" includes jury trials in all cases except criminal cases.  The statistics do not include jury trials that may have taken place in the Chancery Court for Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee.  Personal injury and wrongful death trials rarely take place in Chancery Court.

There were 8 civil jury trials in Davidson County in April, 2012.

Automobile Accident Cases – 3 Cases Tried to Juries

  • Verdict for the Plaintiff.  Total damages:  $13,682
  • Verdict for the Plaintiff:  Total damages:  $60,277
  • Defense Verdict

Health Care Liability Cases (formally called Medical Malpractice Cases) – 2 cases tried to Juries

  • Defense Verdict
  • Defense Verdict

Other Cases – 2 cases tried to Juries

  • Breach of Contract.  Verdict for Plaintiff.  Total damages:   $32,000
  • Negligence / Fall:  Defense Verdict

The mere fact that a case resulted in a verdict for the plaintiff (the person who brought the lawsuit) does not mean that the plaintiff "won."  To understand who really "won," the case, it would be necessary to know what amount of money the plaintiff was offered before a trial.  If someone is offered $50,000 before trial and then goes to trial and wins $40,000, most people would call that "win" a loss.

This paper can describe what happens at a civil jury trial in Tennessee and will also explain the civil litigation process in Tennessee.



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