Is There A Time Limit on Filing A Motion in Limine in Tennessee?

Does Tennessee have a deadline for filing motions in limine?


"Motions in limine" are papers filed with the court asking the court to reach a pre-trial ruling on certain matters, usually evidence issues.  For example, if I am representing a person  who was convicted of a crime 15 years ago and now has a trial in a car wreck case I will probably file a motion in limine asking the court not to let our opponent mention the prior criminal conviction.  This motion in limine gives the judge the opportunity to rule on the issue before the jury has any chance of hearing about it. 

The judge does not have to reach a decision on any motion in limine before trial.

In Tennessee, there might be a deadline on filing motions in limine imposed by local rule or by court order.  


Some local rules of court require that motions in limine be filed a certain number of days before trial.   Some scheduling orders or pre-trial orders imposed deadlines for filing motions in limine.

If you are represented by a lawyer he or she will file motions in limine and will worry about the deadlines – that is one of the things that  they get paid to do.

If you are a non-lawyer attempting to represent yourself at trial you should review the scheduling order, the pre-trial order and the local rules of court to see if there is a deadline for filing or responding to motions.

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