I Hurt My Back. Should I Go to A Chiropractor?

I was hurt in a car accident.  I received a broken arm and a back injury.  The arm is now fine but my back still hurts.  My friend has recommended that I go to her chiropractor for treatment.  Should I?

Tough question.  Have you had any treatment by an orthopedic surgeon?  Have you ever seen a chiropractor before?  Indeed, have you discussed this with your family doctor?

I believe in chiropractic treatment but many insurance companies and juries discount it severely in Middle Tennessee.  To the extent that you want to make a claim and have the other driver’s insurance company pay for your treatment you may wish to pursue conventional medicine first and see if that helps you.

Note that I am not suggesting that you seek medical treatment you don’t believe in.  If you don’t have confidence in treatment of back injuries through conventional medicine then don’t go to that type of doctor.  But, if you go to a chiropractor first, be prepared to have to fight to get those bills covered by the other driver’s insurance company.

To you chiropractors out there:  I am not maligning your profession.  I am just stating my view of the insurance industry’s take your efforts to treat accident victims.  I think it is unfair, but I still believe that insurance companies in this area discount claims where the only treatment has been chiropractic.

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